domenica 19 maggio 2013

What I would like to wear: 19/05/2013

I'm sooo so so happy that monocolor trend still alive *___* Large patterns look edgy but classy ,and they work heavenly (IMHO,as always) with simply pieces and superduperfrilly ones.Conclusion: I need a black&white striped blouse. 

[Jsk,headbow: Angelic pretty; Shoes: taobao; Socks: Monki; Blouse: Marc Jacobs; Necklace: Vivienne Westwood; Belt: Ralph Lauren; Bag: Valentino]

sabato 4 maggio 2013

What I would like to wear: 02/05/2013

[Jsk,blouse,headbow: Angelic pretty; Shoes,socks: taobao; Cardigan: Coii; Bag: Samantha Thavasa]
I'm into casual look & creepers shoes in these days…maybe it's the spring breeze XD A nice alternative to my usual pastelgoth-meets-oneegyaru-chic-meets-rocker-meets-something-sort-of-thing.I hate classification,I just like pretty clothes.
Looks at the ultragirly bag,isn't it too f*****g cute? ç__ç It's from Samantha Thavasa,she's kinda popular right now in Japan…you can see her bags in almost every fashion mag!They're pretty expansive…but they look like sugar candies *grabby hands*