lunedì 17 dicembre 2012

Breaking the silence.

Well,I'm back.
November was an AWFUL month for me...I had several health issues,some work issues and I had a surgery too.Sounds horrible,uh?=^= Anyway,I'm back at home,I re-started to work but I'm still recovering.My surgery wounds (yes,I have four of them) hurt,and it seems that somehow the intravenous drip had hurt my right's nothing serious,but I can't sleep very well (I woke up several times during the night due the pain,and sometimes I can't sleep at all without taking painkillers) and it's obviously pretty bothersome e_e;
So...I'm kinda tired.I wake up exhausted,I look like a zombie and I can't really dressup (due the wound on my waist).I feel so sad *sighs* But I'm drawing a lot!you know,drawing feels sort of liberating and relaxing for me.
Wanna take a look?